Florida State and National Parks – Great Florida Vacations

Florida State Parks and National Parks

Florida State Parks and Florida National Parks are under-visited in my opinion. Visitors tend to concentrate on the big Orlando attractions and get a skewed picture of Florida (we aren’t all concrete, thrill rides and laser-light shows).

Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna, FloridaCome on and visit the real Florida. You knew it had to be here somewhere.

OK, there are several different kinds of parks in Florida – national, state, geological, etc. There are all kinds of wildlife preserves, too. And since Florida is a long state, the parks range from moderate climates in the panhandle to sub-tropical (and even tropical) in the southern part of the peninsula.

Florida State Parks and National Parks — A Great Value

The entrance fee is usually around $4-5 per car and many can be all-day destinations with hiking, swimming, fishing and boating.

Bring your own picnic supplies and enjoy a wonderful time in the Florida sunshine. If you want to do something special, like rent a canoe or kayak, there is naturally an extra charge.

But even with a rental or two, your day at one of the parks could cost you less than $60 for the family. (Compare that with what a day at Disney costs!) Oh, and you’ll definitely want to bring you camera or camcorder with you — you’ll want memories of these awesome pieces of Florida.

Here are a few of the unique Florida State Parks and National Parks (in alphabetical order) that you really don’t want to miss!

(I also have a list of State Parks just in the Florida Keys.)

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