The Full Timer – For the bold few who wish to be full time Rvers

The Full Timer

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For the bold few who wish to be full time Rvers, there are several things you should know when a person decides to move into their RV and make it their permanent home. The most important thing to remember is the budget. When you are on the road it can be very tempting to stray from your allowed spending, under no circumstances should you frivolously waste money. You can never know when you may have an expensive repair that just pops up one day and as a full timer living in their RV, it can be a serious pain to put your RV in the shop and spend the night at a hotel for a few days at the cost of a few hundred dollars.

Another tip to keep in mind is the concept of “Wallydocking”. Here in the US we love Wal-Mart. Apart from having cheap products, they also offer cheap places to park your RV and by cheap I mean free. You can park at a Wal-Mart over night and not have any problems from the management, just be sure to be leave in a reasonable amount of time as most businesses don’t want an RV in their parking lot for months on end.

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