Many Specials Now Available Through RV Sales of Broward

Many Specials Now Available Through RV Sales of Broward

Written by: Rebecca Walton
Client: R.V. Sales of Broward
Release Date: 2011-03-28

Wellington, FL – March 28, 2011 – With the spring and summer horse show season just around the corner, now is the time to book the best accommodations available through Gigi Stetler’s RV Sales of Broward. Summer specials for camper rentals at the Kentucky Spring and Summer Horse Shows, as well as the HITS Saugerties Horse Show are now available through RV Sales of Broward. Stetler’s large selection of RV rentals range from travel trailers to deluxe fifth wheels and even include rock star busses with all of the amenities. Call 954-850-4702 to book your RV today and have the best lodging available at these top equestrian venues!

“We service a variety of clients, from weekend renters on family vacation to cross-country travelers,” commented Stetler. That is why we are able to offer services that meet all of our clients travel necessities.”

RV Sales of Broward offers the highest quality campers in the country. Stetler’s company will take the vehicles to Kentucky or HITS, and those interested in renting can make arrangements in advance for housing at the show.

In addition to being a party enthusiast and career woman, Stetler makes time to enjoy her many horses and is an avid competitor on the circuit. RV Sales of Broward opened its doors in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in 1986 and has a seasonal location in Palm Beach. As a horseperson and avid competitor, Stetler understands the need for a place to call home while traveling.

Stetler is also the creator of My Perfect and the It’s All NATURAL equine supplement. My Perfect Bones has been shown to reverse the signs of osteoporosis in humans, and It’s All Natural has been used to help treat and prevent equine injuries. The creation of this all-natural supplement line is the outcome of many years of love, expertise and the determination to continue a meaningful existence. To find out more about Stetler’s all natural new supplement line, or to make your own purchase please visit

The Riding in Style brand, also created by Stetler, is now for sale at a 50% discount at Collierville Saddlery in Wellington, FL. Riding in Style apparel features the signature Riding in Style and Unstoppable Life logos embroidered on polos, sweaters, fleece jackets, and rain jackets. Items can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and styles, uniquely tailored to fit riders.

For more information about any of these exciting offers please call 954-850-4702 or visit

About Gigi Stetler

Gigi Stetler is the unstoppable founder of the very successful RV Sales of Broward and has most recently begun her own RV bedding line under the Riding in Style brand through her website. Gigi is also the author of the excellent novel “Unstoppable! Surviving is Just the Beginning.” Now the Unstoppable Life brand includes the Mind, Body and Soul. It offers the page-turning novel for the Mind, an all-natural new supplement line, which includes My Perfect Bones, for the Body, and Gigi’s personal life and business coaching sessions for the Soul. For more information about Gigi please visit

Photo Credit: RV Sales of Broward has a full selection of RVs available to rent during the 2011 horse show season. Photo Courtesy of the Client. Photograph may be used only in relation to this PMG press release.

See release at Many Specials Now Available Through RV Sales of Broward.

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RV Sales of Broward first opened its doors in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1986, and includes a location in Palm Beach as well as the Littlewood Farm Horse Show campgrounds in Wellington, Florida. CEO and Founder Gigi Stetler understands the need for a place to call home while traveling and recognizes the importance of quality service year round. Serving a variety of clients, from your weekend rental for family vacations to a large motor home for traveling the country, we offer services that meet all of our clients travel necessities

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